Make Every Bride’s Maid Happy With Convertible Dresses

Want to make all your bride’s maids happy? Everyone has a different style and one dress in one style may not suit all your girlfriends. After all, women come in all shapes and sizes, and if they are going wear an expensive formal dress, you want it to look right on them. Particularly, if the girls are paying for the dress themselves, you want it to be something they like. So, how do you make everyone happy and make sure that they are all comfortable with what they wear at your wedding, without losing the consistency of bride’s maid dresses? The answer is CONVERTIBLE BRIDESMAID DRESS.

Convertible dresses can be worn in a multitude of ways. You can select anyone dress in colors that coordinate with your wedding and all the girls can wear the dress in the style that suits them the best. Any woman of any size can wear these dresses and express their uniqueness. The best part is that the ladies can wear this dress you picked for them for years to come because they can change it up for future events and any situation. With endless styling options, the convertible dress can be worn any way you want to any occasion. A woman simply needs to change the wrap to change the look. Your bridesmaid dresses can match or each can create her own style.

Now, where can you find these great dresses? There are many bridal shops you ca try, however for great selections and a bridesmaid dress sale check out Nuova Vita. The dresses are absolutely divine, made with quality fabrics that feel soft and beautiful to wear. The elegant and classic dresses are even suitable for expecting moms to wear through different stages of the pregnancy. So, if you have a girlfriend that suddenly becomes pregnant during your wedding problem, you can rest assured that you will not need to change anything as long as your friend can walk down the aisle for you. When selecting a bride’s maid dress convertible dresses that come in a multitude of colors is really the way to go for modern brides.

German Wedding Traditions

Are you planning a wedding where you want to incorporate some of your German traditions as homage to your background or lineage? There are some of the typical things that you could do to show your culture, such as wedding food and dress, but you could make it more fun as well. Include some of the more amusing traditions into your wedding that your guests won’t forget.

A popular game that is played at German weddings is that every man or woman who wants to dance with the bride or groom has to pay for it. For music you could hire a regular band or DJ for the wedding or you could make it a point to get a hochzeit dj or wedding DJ that is German.

In typical German tradition, a car procession is formed after the wedding. The procession drives through town honking their horns and others honk back wishing the couple good luck. The hood of the wedding car is also decorated with lots of flowers. Another way to mark the cars for the procession is that after the church ceremony is over and the guests are leaving the church, the bride hands each driver a ribbon that they tie to the radio antenna. The bride usually carries lengths of white ribbon with her bouquet.

After the wedding, to make the first night as difficult as possible, friends of the couple do lots of funny or sometimes cruel things. They fill up the rooms with balloons, hide lots of alarm clocks in the bedroom, take apart the bed, and so on. To add to this fun, in some areas small German villages, friends kidnap the bride and the groom has to find her. Normally, he has to search in a lot of pubs and invite all people in there or pay the whole bill.

These are some quite unique and entertaining German traditions that your friends and guest would most likely enjoy taking part in. Whatever you decide to do make it unique.

Having Your Wedding In a Private Home

Choosing to have your wedding in a home is an intimate and special affair.  Such an arrangement for a wedding can be a truly special event, as well as include many cost saving factors.  However, there are many elements to take into consideration when planning a home wedding.  First of all what many people neglect in such a situation is the wedding planner.  Often times, couples think of it like having a party at home and fail to hire the wedding planner, who is actually the glue to any type of wedding.  No matter how small you wedding is, the wedding planner will ensure that everything you have planned for your wedding is executed smoothly and that every friend and family member does the job that has been assigned to them, which is often the case with weddings held in a private home.

Before starting to plan your wedding at home you want to confirm is the guest list first.  This will ensure whether there is enough room in the home to accommodate all the guests.  Other things to consider are parking in the residential neighborhood and the noise factor.  The last thing you want is for the police to show up at your wedding reception due to too much noise.  One way to eliminate this issue is to let your neighbors know that you will be having a wedding celebration and also to invite them to the wedding.

Other things that couples don’t think about when wedding planning for a private home are things like the condition of the home.  The house might need repairs and updates before something as special as a wedding can take place there.  This might be the right occasion to initiate repairs to the home, but it is also a cost to take into account during the planning and budgeting of the wedding.

The overall impact of a wedding held at home is quaint.  A backyard wedding will be charming with a barbeque or informal buffet after the ceremony.  It is a huge relief on the wedding budget if the food can be prepared at home ahead of time.  Get friends and family to help and it can be a beautiful affair.  One piece of advice is to hire a serving and cleaning crew so that everyone can enjoy them self on the wedding day rather than serving or cleaning. If a caterer is engaged, then make sure to let them know what is available in the way of power outlets and inform them of any restrictions on the space they can use.

Choosing to have your wedding or reception at a private home can make the event more personal, but it may require more work.  You can hire vendors for all the services to try to make things easier, however in that case keeping the costs low can be more challenging.  The key to a home wedding is keeping it simple and making it a true labor of love.

Preparing for a Multicultural Marriage

Are you about to marry into a whole different culture and haven’t the faintest idea how you are going to communicate with your new in-laws? Language right now is probably the lesser of your worries since your main priority may be to figure out how to pull it all together without offending either side. There are so many parts of a wedding that are important to different cultures. Open communication is very important to make sure that you include important marriage aspects form both cultures to your wedding. And for that, you may want to be able to communicate in the right language at least a little bit. For improving language vocabulary you may want to check out a wonderful site called How To Say! It has a dictionary of phrases in various languages as well as lots of information on language and phrases. This will at least give you some quick tips on greetings and respectable phrases to manage until you improve your language skills. When it comes to communicating with your in-laws make it clear that you are not trying to hurt them or undermine all that they hold dear. It is wrong to assume that older people are incapable of change or that they won’t talk about cultural issues.

Planning any type of wedding requires a certain amount of compromise from all parties involved and when planning a multicultural wedding it is not any different even if the stakes are a bit higher. Remember to communicate with relatives early on before you start the planning. A good idea is to have all relatives write down write the three customs they feel are most important. This might help you narrow down what to include and you may find that most people form each side agree on the same customs.

When combining multiple traditions, couples really have the options to wither create a mashup or split the event up. With a mashup couples alternating rituals that honor both cultures within in the same ceremony and reception party. This can be problematic if one culture requires extensive and particular practices that are simply too difficult to include in one location or ceremony. The second option, to split the event, meant to hold a ceremony for one culture and then a second ceremony for the second culture and the same may be done with the receptions. This could mean that the event goes on for several days or it is a very long day. For example, many Hindu ceremonies take place in the morning at the temple followed by a luncheon and in the evening the bride and groom hole a western ceremony and reception with completely western attire. If an all-day even seems too arduous, then another way to do it may be to incorporate only the bride’s traditions into the marriage ceremony and the groom’s heritage into the reception. The length of a ceremony and entire wedding itself varies greatly by culture, however it is important to take into consideration your guests and their patience, on average wedding ceremonies last 30 minutes. It is also important that you find ways to explain unfamiliar traditions to guests, who will feel lost if they do not understand the significance of what is taking place. Add a brief explanation to your wedding program or ask the officiant to expand upon the symbolism of the ritual.

Although a difficult task of incorporating the traditions of multiple cultures, it is not impossible. Make it clear that this is your wedding, yet you also want to make your families’ customs a part of your day. You may not make everyone 100& happy, but the important thing is you tried, and they’ll probably come around once they see the awesome party you’ve put together.

English Seaside Weddings Are As Quaint As Can Be

When we think about an English wedding, we tend to think about lovely English country sides with green pastures and wedding breakfast. We forget that the English seaside can be just as lovely for weddings and reminiscent of a classic Jane Austen style wedding.

Have you ever considered the charming seaside town of Swanage? It was once the seaside resort vacation getaway for the wealthy during the Victorian Era and it still draws tourists with its sandy beaches. Swanage has a gently sloping white sand beach which is sheltered and generally calm as well as a Victoria Pier and steam railway to draw in the beauty of old world ambience. Many historic buildings and the Wellington Clock Tower are picturesque for wedding photos.

If you are considering a wedding is Dorset or Swanage, the area is plentiful with hotels and guest rooms for your wedding guests to stay at. For wedding venues, whether you are looking for historic or romantic, traditional or unusual, grand or cozy, Swanage has several options. For example Parley Manor is an enchanting Georgian Manor house set in 4 acres of gardens near Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch in Dorset. It makes for an exclusive wedding venue.

Although a small town Swanage definitely can provide a bride with all her wedding needs. If you want an English breakfast for your wedding or a tasty five course meal, Wedding Catering Swanage style is not an issue. Crab Apple Catering is an excellent option for wedding caterer that sources its food locally.

Have you always dreamed of arriving at your wedding in a horse drawn carriage? Or do you hanker after a stretched wedding limo? Take a look at the comprehensive list of wedding car hire professionals in Swanage. It is not impossible to get what you want when planning a destination wedding by the English seaside

Adding Color To Your Engagement Ring

Not every bride is the same and the engagement ring is a lifelong commitment on a piece of jewelry that needs to match the bride’s style. Those seeking out nonconformist bijoux pass on the classic white diamond in favor of pearls, sapphires, and emeralds, or add a dash of color in blue, yellow, or and even green diamonds. On the other hand, purists prefer the return to simple grandeur of round and emerald cuts of white diamond. If you are a traditional bride, more than likely you will select the luminescent sparkling clear diamond engagement ring in a classic cut. However, brides that like to set trends and standout will choose color.

Pink Diamond

One of the most popular ways to ensure your engagement ring stands out from the crowd is with colorful stones. Celebrities, as trendsetters, have set this tone in recent times by choosing nontraditional sparklers for their engagement rings. Stars like Blake Lively, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson as well as royalty, such as Kate Middleton, all rock a colorful sparkler on their left ring finger. How do you select the most perfect colorful engagement ring for yourself?

Not only will a colorful stone stand out, but it can also add extra meaning to this already sentimental piece of jewelry. Some ways to personalize your stone are by choosing a birthstone, favorite color, or incorporating heirlooms. Think about the meaning of the stone. For example, the aquamarine engagement ring symbolizes a long and happy marriage because aquamarine is said to create harmony. Aquamarine captures the beauty of the sea. The icy aqua freshens earth tones, grey, and navy and blends with other pastels. If you were to select the ruby engagement ring, it symbolizes undying, passionate love as the ruby has long been seen as the gem of passion, love, and courage for its vibrant red tone. Women who opted for rubies throughout history often were passionate about life and had a certain flair for the dramatic. Legends say that rubies are hardened fire with powers to kindle desire in the heart.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

When it comes to finding a colored gemstone engagement ring, research the gemstones that appeal to you and find their meaning and value. Remember that you don’t have to entirely ditch the classic white diamond. You can set your sapphire or emerald in a diamond-studded halo and pavé band. If you still want the diamond to stand strong, then add color by using smaller bright pieces as accents with a diamond in the center.

Tips for Making a Toast

Special occasions often involve making toasts and coming up with the right words can be a daunting task. A heart touching quote can lead into a genuine toast. Just as romantic quotes can often enhance a wedding invitation a famous quote from a romantic poem could be the perfect start or end to giving a toast.


When you are making a toast consider the type of event it is for. For a formal occasion a more heavy set tone may be appropriate, whereas for a more casual event you can be more light hearted and even crack a joke. It is important that when you begin your toast to clarify who you are and why you are making the toast. When you are at a large celebration, like a big wedding, everyone may not know who you are. Another element to remember when you are making a toast is to be sure to thank your host.


Aside from a great quote that depicts your sentiments, you may want to share an anecdote. For a wedding toast a story about how the bride and groom met is always popular. For something like a retirement party or birthday celebration, you could talk about the time your friend saw you through an embarrassing moment. If you decide to offer a compliment, choose a few appreciative adjectives that go a long way and be careful not to go on and on about the person.

End the toast on a positive note by offering a wish or as previously mentioned, a meaningful quote. Although, you may feel this to be a sufficient ending to your toast, be sure to clearly indicate the ending to your toast by finishing off with a phrase that’s to be repeated by the guests. For example: “To Jill and Jack!”

Keep your toast short and practice ahead of time. Make sure to look at the audience and start and close with bang. For some wonderful quotes to help you find inspiration you can always go to Quotes Hunter.

Making Your Own Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can become a costly expense in your wedding budget, particularly if you have a large number of guests to send your invitations to. One way to cut down on the wedding expenses is by making your own wedding cards. It may seem like a daunting task, however, if you come up with a nice idea and have some friends or family to help you out, you can just dedicate a couple of hours one day and get them all done.

There are a few approaches you can take to making your own wedding invitations. One is to make it entirely by hand by cutting and pasting paper. If you are good at calligraphy, then this could be a beautiful way to give an intimate touch to your wedding invitations by sending out handmade cards. However, not everyone is as artistically inclined to come up with their own wedding invitation design and make it by hand.

There are other options, such as purchasing wedding invitation kits, which will be semi-handmade cards as you will still have to print out the invitations on what is provided to you and put them together.

A third alternative is to use a photo Collage Maker, which is a very helpful tool when you are learning how to make wedding cards.  You can download one, such as AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker or find one through your other photo editor software. This is the simplest way to come up with an invitation. Simply upload all the photos you would like displayed on your invitation, find a template you like, and you can even add the text for your invitation right on there. Once you have a finished card print out as many as you need or save it and take it down to a professional printer to print them for you.

Whatever method you choose for making your own wedding invitation, have your concept decided upon and then figure out how to go about making it come to life. Remember that wedding invitations should be sent out at least six weeks before the wedding date. So, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to make them, because making invitations can take longer than you expect. The cards should include all of the information for the wedding including the names of the couple, the location, date, and time. Feel free to include more than just the basic information on your invitation. Remember that you may need several parts to your invitation, for example an RSVP card. It is a helpful inclusion to your invitation and gives the recipient of the invitation the ability to tell you if they are coming, the number of guests, and their preferred dish for the dinner. The recipient will mail this back to you, so you know how many people your wedding needs to be prepared for. However, you choose to make your own wedding invitations they will be nice when they come from the heart.

Jane Austen Inspired Wedding Theme

An ideal Jane Austen English wedding would entail an early morning wedding ceremony to take place in church and reception to follow with breakfast.  An 18th century English wedding theme may actually turn out to be a great idea for the frugal in mind.  Most venues offer special rates for day time events and brunch tends to be less costly compared to other meals.  There are several areas that can be cut such as a full bar, which is not necessary in the morning.  Serving champagne and mimosas may just be perfect.  Perhaps a nice quartet, rather than a full blown band or DJ would be elegant as well, since that is probably all you would have seen at a Jane Austen wedding. For the modern bride a Jane Austen themed wedding is not what one might first think of as stuffy and extremely formal, but rather as sensible as Darcy with romance and elegance flourishing with the slight whimsy of Elizabeth.  A day time affair is definitely inspirational for a Jane Austen wedding.  However, if first thing in the morning is not your cup of tea, than opt for a noon luncheon or even an afternoon tea.  The key elements not to forget here are formal table settings with elegant flora china patterns, lots of English roses in centerpieces with old world charm, and empire waist inspired gowns. 

The modern bride does not need to feel compelled to wear white, however soft blushing colors should be the inspiration for this 18th century themed wedding.  Soft and simple up dos with flowers in the hair are a must for a Jane Austen heroin.  Jeweled headbands and hair pieces were also to be seen worn by women of Jane Austen’s time.  Butterflies are a lovely idea as well, as you can imagine many of them fluttering in the meadows of the English country side.

For a Jane Austen wedding, an English garden is the perfect setting.  However, if flying to England won’t do for you, then for a small scale wedding a backyard wedding might hold the perfect charm.  For those couples holding a slightly larger event, they can look into outdoor garden settings or country inns.  An outdoor wedding is definitely a must in order to capture the inspiration of a Jane Austen 18th century English wedding.  However, if your event is turning out to be larger than expected and the weather may not hold up for your outdoor event, find an old fashioned ballroom that reminds us of the ball at Netherfield where Elizabeth and Darcy first met.

As for the menu for an 18th century English wedding think of serving up an English menu.  Tea with lovely tea cups is a must for a Jane Austen wedding.  Lots of pretty petite fours, and English custard, and white fluffy meringues would make a lovely display.  A simple white wedding cake that almost looks homemade would be lovely as well.  However, if you would like a slightly more formal affair, try to stick to a two layer cake with floras and butterfly décor.  Send your guests home with small cakes packed in lovely white boxes as wedding favors.  Another wedding favor inspiration is a bookmark with pretty satin ribbon embellishment to remind all your guest of where your inspirational wedding has stemmed from.

A Jane Austen wedding today will be inspired by the details.  Invitations with real wax seals, gloves, hats, parasols, and even lace hand fans.  These articles such as hand fans and parasols can also be given out as wedding favors to enhance the event.  It is the small pretty details that will echo of majestic time gone by making your wedding a romantic inspiration for all.

Selecting Bridal Lingerie

There are so many little details a bride has to plan for herself when planning a wedding.  Besides the big number, which is the wedding dress, a bride has to plan her beauty treatments, perhaps attire for her honeymoon, like a perfect swimsuit, as well as lingerie.  Whether you like them to be subtle and sexy or provocative, there are a lot of beautiful lingerie options to select from and you can get some pieces that are just right for your style. 

The thing to keep in mind is that you will most likely also receive lingerie at your bridal shower.  So, the main pieces you want to get on your own are for the wedding day, don’t forget to include a pretty little garter on this list.  Although, the carter is often picked out according to the wedding theme or sometimes handed down by somebody special to the bride.  It is a good idea to keep an extra one on hand.  You may also consider purchasing lingerie on your own for your wedding night.   These are the two events that you want absolute perfection on and you don’t want to rely on receive a gift that will work.  Many couples also follow the tradition, where the groom purchases the bridal lingerie and leaves it in the honeymoon suite for the bride.  It is up to you how you want to do it, but make is special.  Bridal lingerie is something that both the husband and wife enjoy on their wedding night.

Other pieces of lingerie that you may want to ensure that you have is for the honeymoon because you are still continuing on a romantic adventure, which will eventually unfold down to your lingerie.  These pieces you may select from your bridal shower gifts and then go buy whatever else you may need.  Many bridal showers have an entirely sexy lingerie theme and it might even be an overnight event where the girls will dress in their favorite lingerie.  For this type of event you will be able to sample plenty of lingerie styles and even the bridal shower favors may be lingerie.  When you are in need of a lot of lingerie for a personal bridal shower fashion show or gifts, you may consider elegant pieces of Bridal Lingerie from DevilPlus, where you will find a variety of selections.  This type of option for making your purchases is nice, particularly if you want to be discreet and order online for delivery.