Adding Color To Your Engagement Ring

Not every bride is the same and the engagement ring is a lifelong commitment on a piece of jewelry that needs to match the bride’s style. Those seeking out nonconformist bijoux pass on the classic white diamond in favor of pearls, sapphires, and emeralds, or add a dash of color in blue, yellow, or and even green diamonds. On the other hand, purists prefer the return to simple grandeur of round and emerald cuts of white diamond. If you are a traditional bride, more than likely you will select the luminescent sparkling clear diamond engagement ring in a classic cut. However, brides that like to set trends and standout will choose color.

Pink Diamond

One of the most popular ways to ensure your engagement ring stands out from the crowd is with colorful stones. Celebrities, as trendsetters, have set this tone in recent times by choosing nontraditional sparklers for their engagement rings. Stars like Blake Lively, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson as well as royalty, such as Kate Middleton, all rock a colorful sparkler on their left ring finger. How do you select the most perfect colorful engagement ring for yourself?

Not only will a colorful stone stand out, but it can also add extra meaning to this already sentimental piece of jewelry. Some ways to personalize your stone are by choosing a birthstone, favorite color, or incorporating heirlooms. Think about the meaning of the stone. For example, the aquamarine engagement ring symbolizes a long and happy marriage because aquamarine is said to create harmony. Aquamarine captures the beauty of the sea. The icy aqua freshens earth tones, grey, and navy and blends with other pastels. If you were to select the ruby engagement ring, it symbolizes undying, passionate love as the ruby has long been seen as the gem of passion, love, and courage for its vibrant red tone. Women who opted for rubies throughout history often were passionate about life and had a certain flair for the dramatic. Legends say that rubies are hardened fire with powers to kindle desire in the heart.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring

When it comes to finding a colored gemstone engagement ring, research the gemstones that appeal to you and find their meaning and value. Remember that you don’t have to entirely ditch the classic white diamond. You can set your sapphire or emerald in a diamond-studded halo and pavé band. If you still want the diamond to stand strong, then add color by using smaller bright pieces as accents with a diamond in the center.

Tips for Making a Toast

Special occasions often involve making toasts and coming up with the right words can be a daunting task. A heart touching quote can lead into a genuine toast. Just as romantic quotes can often enhance a wedding invitation a famous quote from a romantic poem could be the perfect start or end to giving a toast.


When you are making a toast consider the type of event it is for. For a formal occasion a more heavy set tone may be appropriate, whereas for a more casual event you can be more light hearted and even crack a joke. It is important that when you begin your toast to clarify who you are and why you are making the toast. When you are at a large celebration, like a big wedding, everyone may not know who you are. Another element to remember when you are making a toast is to be sure to thank your host.


Aside from a great quote that depicts your sentiments, you may want to share an anecdote. For a wedding toast a story about how the bride and groom met is always popular. For something like a retirement party or birthday celebration, you could talk about the time your friend saw you through an embarrassing moment. If you decide to offer a compliment, choose a few appreciative adjectives that go a long way and be careful not to go on and on about the person.

End the toast on a positive note by offering a wish or as previously mentioned, a meaningful quote. Although, you may feel this to be a sufficient ending to your toast, be sure to clearly indicate the ending to your toast by finishing off with a phrase that’s to be repeated by the guests. For example: “To Jill and Jack!”

Keep your toast short and practice ahead of time. Make sure to look at the audience and start and close with bang. For some wonderful quotes to help you find inspiration you can always go to Quotes Hunter.

Making Your Own Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can become a costly expense in your wedding budget, particularly if you have a large number of guests to send your invitations to. One way to cut down on the wedding expenses is by making your own wedding cards. It may seem like a daunting task, however, if you come up with a nice idea and have some friends or family to help you out, you can just dedicate a couple of hours one day and get them all done.

There are a few approaches you can take to making your own wedding invitations. One is to make it entirely by hand by cutting and pasting paper. If you are good at calligraphy, then this could be a beautiful way to give an intimate touch to your wedding invitations by sending out handmade cards. However, not everyone is as artistically inclined to come up with their own wedding invitation design and make it by hand.

There are other options, such as purchasing wedding invitation kits, which will be semi-handmade cards as you will still have to print out the invitations on what is provided to you and put them together.

A third alternative is to use a photo Collage Maker, which is a very helpful tool when you are learning how to make wedding cards.  You can download one, such as AmoyShare Photo Collage Maker or find one through your other photo editor software. This is the simplest way to come up with an invitation. Simply upload all the photos you would like displayed on your invitation, find a template you like, and you can even add the text for your invitation right on there. Once you have a finished card print out as many as you need or save it and take it down to a professional printer to print them for you.

Whatever method you choose for making your own wedding invitation, have your concept decided upon and then figure out how to go about making it come to life. Remember that wedding invitations should be sent out at least six weeks before the wedding date. So, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to make them, because making invitations can take longer than you expect. The cards should include all of the information for the wedding including the names of the couple, the location, date, and time. Feel free to include more than just the basic information on your invitation. Remember that you may need several parts to your invitation, for example an RSVP card. It is a helpful inclusion to your invitation and gives the recipient of the invitation the ability to tell you if they are coming, the number of guests, and their preferred dish for the dinner. The recipient will mail this back to you, so you know how many people your wedding needs to be prepared for. However, you choose to make your own wedding invitations they will be nice when they come from the heart.

Jane Austen Inspired Wedding Theme

An ideal Jane Austen English wedding would entail an early morning wedding ceremony to take place in church and reception to follow with breakfast.  An 18th century English wedding theme may actually turn out to be a great idea for the frugal in mind.  Most venues offer special rates for day time events and brunch tends to be less costly compared to other meals.  There are several areas that can be cut such as a full bar, which is not necessary in the morning.  Serving champagne and mimosas may just be perfect.  Perhaps a nice quartet, rather than a full blown band or DJ would be elegant as well, since that is probably all you would have seen at a Jane Austen wedding. For the modern bride a Jane Austen themed wedding is not what one might first think of as stuffy and extremely formal, but rather as sensible as Darcy with romance and elegance flourishing with the slight whimsy of Elizabeth.  A day time affair is definitely inspirational for a Jane Austen wedding.  However, if first thing in the morning is not your cup of tea, than opt for a noon luncheon or even an afternoon tea.  The key elements not to forget here are formal table settings with elegant flora china patterns, lots of English roses in centerpieces with old world charm, and empire waist inspired gowns. 

The modern bride does not need to feel compelled to wear white, however soft blushing colors should be the inspiration for this 18th century themed wedding.  Soft and simple up dos with flowers in the hair are a must for a Jane Austen heroin.  Jeweled headbands and hair pieces were also to be seen worn by women of Jane Austen’s time.  Butterflies are a lovely idea as well, as you can imagine many of them fluttering in the meadows of the English country side.

For a Jane Austen wedding, an English garden is the perfect setting.  However, if flying to England won’t do for you, then for a small scale wedding a backyard wedding might hold the perfect charm.  For those couples holding a slightly larger event, they can look into outdoor garden settings or country inns.  An outdoor wedding is definitely a must in order to capture the inspiration of a Jane Austen 18th century English wedding.  However, if your event is turning out to be larger than expected and the weather may not hold up for your outdoor event, find an old fashioned ballroom that reminds us of the ball at Netherfield where Elizabeth and Darcy first met.

As for the menu for an 18th century English wedding think of serving up an English menu.  Tea with lovely tea cups is a must for a Jane Austen wedding.  Lots of pretty petite fours, and English custard, and white fluffy meringues would make a lovely display.  A simple white wedding cake that almost looks homemade would be lovely as well.  However, if you would like a slightly more formal affair, try to stick to a two layer cake with floras and butterfly décor.  Send your guests home with small cakes packed in lovely white boxes as wedding favors.  Another wedding favor inspiration is a bookmark with pretty satin ribbon embellishment to remind all your guest of where your inspirational wedding has stemmed from.

A Jane Austen wedding today will be inspired by the details.  Invitations with real wax seals, gloves, hats, parasols, and even lace hand fans.  These articles such as hand fans and parasols can also be given out as wedding favors to enhance the event.  It is the small pretty details that will echo of majestic time gone by making your wedding a romantic inspiration for all.

Selecting Bridal Lingerie

There are so many little details a bride has to plan for herself when planning a wedding.  Besides the big number, which is the wedding dress, a bride has to plan her beauty treatments, perhaps attire for her honeymoon, like a perfect swimsuit, as well as lingerie.  Whether you like them to be subtle and sexy or provocative, there are a lot of beautiful lingerie options to select from and you can get some pieces that are just right for your style. 

The thing to keep in mind is that you will most likely also receive lingerie at your bridal shower.  So, the main pieces you want to get on your own are for the wedding day, don’t forget to include a pretty little garter on this list.  Although, the carter is often picked out according to the wedding theme or sometimes handed down by somebody special to the bride.  It is a good idea to keep an extra one on hand.  You may also consider purchasing lingerie on your own for your wedding night.   These are the two events that you want absolute perfection on and you don’t want to rely on receive a gift that will work.  Many couples also follow the tradition, where the groom purchases the bridal lingerie and leaves it in the honeymoon suite for the bride.  It is up to you how you want to do it, but make is special.  Bridal lingerie is something that both the husband and wife enjoy on their wedding night.

Other pieces of lingerie that you may want to ensure that you have is for the honeymoon because you are still continuing on a romantic adventure, which will eventually unfold down to your lingerie.  These pieces you may select from your bridal shower gifts and then go buy whatever else you may need.  Many bridal showers have an entirely sexy lingerie theme and it might even be an overnight event where the girls will dress in their favorite lingerie.  For this type of event you will be able to sample plenty of lingerie styles and even the bridal shower favors may be lingerie.  When you are in need of a lot of lingerie for a personal bridal shower fashion show or gifts, you may consider elegant pieces of Bridal Lingerie from DevilPlus, where you will find a variety of selections.  This type of option for making your purchases is nice, particularly if you want to be discreet and order online for delivery. 

Classic Wedding Songs

Classic wedding songs always fit beautifully into any type of wedding.  It being an oldie, but goody makes it easily acceptable and you don’t have to worry about whether you picked a bad song to include in your wedding.

One all-time favorite is “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley.  The king of rock and roll make it famous and the song itself was included in film for the picturesque setting of Hawaii.  We think, this song would be great at a destination wedding in a tropical location that includes all the provincials of a Luau.  Even if you are not going on a trip for your wedding, it is a beautiful song. 

A beautiful song like “Our Love Is Here To Stay” by Ella Fitzgerald plays tribute to one of the greatest and will bring an art deco feel to your wedding.  So, if you are looking for old Hollywood glamour at your wedding this is the song to go with.

You can’t go wrong with reminiscent melodies by great artists like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole or Elvis Presley.  So, don’t be afraid that it will be boring or old fashioned.  Rather, you will be displaying elegance and your taste for good classic music selections.

Get more great music and food ideas at Love Food Life Alchemy for your wedding.



Wedding Sendoff Ideas

Couples are always looking for unique ways to plan their wedding sendoff.  The old fashioned rice toss is out.  You know it is not good for the environment or the birds and many wedding venues will not allow it.  Did you know that many people were using quinoa rather than rice for this reason?  Although whether that is any better of a choice for the birds is questionable.  We have the classic rose petals that people substitute, but it is a bit boring.  So, let’s explore some unique ideas for a wedding sendoff. 

There are a lot of unique ways to do it.  Many people opt for bubbles, which can come out quite beautiful in the photography if your photographer knows what he or she is doing.  However, bubbles can be a bit messy and make the grounds slippery. 

Another fun option is wedding poppers filled with confetti.  This one has to be planned really perfectly, because you will have to make sure everyone pops open their poppers at the very exact time to make sure that is effective.  Otherwise you will have sprinkles of confetti here and there.  One way to do it is to have everyone line up in two rows between which the bride and groom will walk through and each person will pop their designated popper as the couple passes them by.

This concept of creating two rows of happy guests bidding their farewell brings up another awesome idea which will not require a whole lot of coordination.  Wedding sparklers create a beautiful ambience for a sendoff.  Simply hand each guest a sparkler, make sure they all get lit and the bride and groom will be surrounded by sparkle as they get sent off to their honey moon.  Cheap wedding sparklers are easy to find and can be purchased in large quantities online through sites like  There sparklers are specifically for weddings.

There you have it, some really great ideas for a wedding sendoff that will be memorable and make the best final impression for your wedding.

Home Based Wedding Businesses

Today we are taking a break from wedding ideas and focusing on how to turn these great ideas into a wedding business.  There are many home based businesses in the wedding niche industry, such as wedding planning or even catering.  Most of these types of business owners are working out of their home and meeting with clients at coffee shops or restaurants and lugging their entire portfolio with them.  These types of businesses require a lot of labor and effort, however if that is your specialty, then go for it.  If weddings are your forte and you are a creative person then you may be thinking along the lines of custom wedding products.  Perhaps you want to do bridal tailoring or sell bridal wear.  Maybe you want to sell wedding supplies.  However, your start off budget may be small and you may be wondering if there is any way to start the business out of your home without so much labor or even supplies.  Consider an online retail business.  There are many such companies in the wedding industry that operate entirely online.  They do it by making arrangements to drop ship to their customers through their suppliers.

You could set up your entire store and products online, without actually having to store a single product in your home.  You will need to do some research on suppliers for the products you want to sell and see if you can arrange to either have your orders drop shipped or purchase in small quantities.  You may be wondering why a supplier would want to sell in small quantities.  When it comes to something like wedding favors, an average order may have a quantity of 100 for one item. So, for your supplier this may not be very small.  You have to remember that for wedding parties people need lots of supplies.  With an e-commerce site, your store management will be online.  You won’t have to hire additional sales or backroom help.  You can work customer service by phone, email or use a customer service online live help service.  The great part about this business is that not only can you serve the entire United States, but if you want you can open your store up to the entire world with International Shipping.  You can become internationally known!

If you are not ready to take the jump with an online business, you can start smaller by being a rep for catalogue companies.  You can start by selling products that you like to friends and family or select a niche like jewelry and head out to local wedding shows to sell.  There are a lot of companies that offer opportunities in selling products like jewelry and personalized gift, which fits right into the wedding niche.  Regal Gifts Corporation is offering home based business opportunities in Canada.  A well reputed company such as this is a great place to get started on a home based business.  You set your own schedule and sell as much or as little as you like.  The great part is that you can get discounts on products that you like for yourself. 

The wedding industry is vast you could specialize in anything from baking to crafts and find a retail niche.  So, you it is easy to take your talents and turn it into a business for the wedding market.

A Spa Bridal Shower

A wonderful treat for both the bride and all her friends is to plan a spa bridal shower.  If you’re a bride’s maid in charge of the bridal shower, this may be one of the easier themed parties to plan.  You may not initially think so, but you will get some very easy tips and ideas here.  There are several types of spa bridal showers that you could put together. One way to do it is to just go out to an exclusive spa and schedule a party with full services.  You can also simplify it with just a mani-pedi party at a local nail salon.  You can also set up home spa services and hold the party at your residence if you have the space.  Finally, there is the option of a spa themed party with no spa treatments what so ever.


Bridal Shower Gerbera Mint Tins


A full service spa party can be easily done by reserving a private room at a spa and inviting the bride’s closest friends.  Many spas will accommodate bridal parties by setting up fresh and healthy food and drinks or allowing catering.  Your group can enjoy the facilities by hanging in the steam room, Jacuzzi, and enjoying simple treatments.  If you are planning the shower for the bride, then all you have to do is bring the bride and presents for her.  You might consider getting the bride a gift certificate for the spa that she can use for treatments on that day. 


If you decide to do just a mani-pedi party, this may be a more inexpensive option, especially if you are paying for all the treatments.  It is also a preferred option for many guests, as some people don’t like body spa treatments or facials, but they are willing to spend a little on a manicure just to be part of the party.  Most nail salons don’t offer packages and services for a party, so you may have to go in and negotiate some kind of deal or buy the whole place out for one to two hours as long as you have enough guests to fill the chairs.  Many full service spas also have the option for manicures and pedicures, so you could still plan a party there and limit your selves to just the mani and pedi.  A mani-pedi party also gives you more time to interact and enjoy the time together because most likely everyone can be in the same room and don’t have to split up for their services.  It is also very easy to plan a mani-pedi party in your home without a lot of space requirement.

Cheetah Chic Flip-Flop Pedicure Kit



If you are planning the party in your home then you want to contact the service providers who are licensed and bonded and provide in home treatments.  These professionals are usually very experienced in managing spa parties at the homes because that is what they do all the time.  They bring their own equipment and products and set everything up beautifully.  If you choose to do a few different treatments, you may need a few rooms, so talk to the service provider in regard to exactly what you need before you go out and plan a spa party in your home.


Finally, if you want to throw a spa themed party, but not bring an entire spa to your home or splurge on going out to a spa, here is how to do it.  It is all about the little details.  Serve lots of healthy and fresh food, like fruit and salads.  Also offer a few flavored waters with cucumber and lime or orange slices floating in the water.  They look beautiful and create a spa feeling.  Offer each of your guests slippers and maybe a small pack of spa samples products.  Set the ambience with mellow background music.


“The Cosmopolitan” Monogrammed Cosmetic Travel Bag


A fun idea is to set up stations with nail polish and hand lotions where you can give each other mini manicures and pedicures or just do each other’s nails.  You can also practice different hairstyles on the bride for her big day.  You could play a game to split up into groups and do makeup and hair, which the bride votes on and decides who has the better look.


In the invitations, let your guests know that it is a spa themed party and ask them to bring spa themed gifts for the bride.  Some wonderful spa themed gifts would be mani-ped kits, his and her robes and slippers, and spa products.  If you want to splurge a little you can even get the bride a gift certificate for laser hair removal, which she will love to use prior to the wedding and before she sets out on a honeymoon.  This would be a wonderful treat for the bride and something she would appreciate for a lifetime.  An effort like a spa themed bridal shower can be very intimate and truly enjoyed by the bride.


Pre-Wedding Beauty Prep

After the dress is picked out and all the wedding planning is complete, a bride is still left to follow a beauty regiment counting down to her wedding day.  Some things that a bride should be doing prior to her wedding will lead to a glowing bride on her wedding day.  Whether you are the bride or someone trying to keep all the details in order for the bride, this is what you need to know about bridal beauty.

Kensington Personalized Cosmetic Travel Bag

Firstly, the bride should set up a series of facials six months prior to the wedding day and they should be about 4 weeks apart leading to the big day.  Make sure not to schedule a facial the day before the wedding, the last facial should be at least one week before the wedding. 

The next thing on the bride’s list should be to see a brow specialist.  A bride should have a full flattering shape for her brows and that takes time to build up to.  The bride should book brow shaping appointments every four to six weeks leading up to the wedding, and abstain from DIY plucking between visits.  Another area that needs to be focused on ahead of time is hair.  For healthy hair avoid applying shampoo to the ends and focus in the roots.  The bride should condition daily and use moisturizing treatments once a week.  If the bride wants long locks on her wedding day, then she will have to start growing herr hair out ahead of time keeping in mind that hair grows about a half inch per month. 

Another plan ahead beauty regiment is weekly manicures and monthly pedis to create a uniform length and shape for nails. The bride should also want to test out nail polish to choose a color for the wedding.  Select a dozen colors that and try a new one each week. Once you decide on the color, buy a bottle for emergency touch-ups.

The bride may want to think about her teeth because they are most likely going to appear in every picture.  If you want pearly whites, get a professional bleaching ahead of time since the procedure can leave teeth sensitive for two weeks afterward. Avoid red wine, coffee, tea, and berries to keep your teeth dazzling leading up to the wedding.

You will want smooth healthy skin on your wedding day, besides the regular facials, think about a deep-cleansing body facial if your gown reveals your back or shoulders. If you’d rather not spring for a spa treatment, have a friend apply a purifying mud or clay mask to your back once a week to draw out oil and grime.  Bride’s maids can make these pre-wedding beauty preps easier on the bride by taking her out for a spa day and maybe even stopping at a few spa boutiques to get help choosing aromatherapy products that can help the bride relax prior to her big day.  You may also find great deals on skin care and spa products at Spa Boutique online.  They have a great variety of quality products that you can get to set up you own mini spa at home for some of your beauty treatments.


Personalized Travel Candle with Sheer Organza Bag

We often think that a bride is glowing on her wedding day because she is so happy and high on love and Champagne.  However, the blushing bride gets her polished and gorgeous look on her wedding day because of the beauty prep she began when the invitations went out.